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Incorporating Your Dog Into Your Engagement Session

I’ve been a dog lover since day one, but getting them to sit still AND look straight at the camera is a different story! Things were a little crazy and even frustrating as the photographer, when my clients would bring their dog(s) to their engagement session and we couldn’t get any good shots. After trying to photograph these couples and their dog(s) without an assistant and acting like a crazy person just to get them to look at the camera (which sometimes didn’t even work), I’ve learned a few things that I want to share with you all for this week’s Tips & Tutorial’s Tuesday!


1. If the dog hasn’t been to the location before, arrive early so he/she can sniff around and better yet, run around. Take the dog for a good 15-20 minute walk before even starting the session. Hopefully this will help with the “Squirrel!” moments at the beginning of the shoot.


2. Coordinate with your photographer to make sure there is an extra person at the shoot. Talk with your photographer ahead of time to see if he/she will be bringing an assistant to the shoot or if you should bring a friend. That extra person will be a life-saver when it comes to getting those great shots!


3. Treats. Bring lots of treats for your dog. A couple weeks ago, I had a couple that brought two friends of theirs and one of them shook the treats above my head and the other clapped, danced, and called the dog’s name (so I didn’t have to act like the crazy person!)


Here’s a couple good shots we got from that session!


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