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DIY Photography Backdrop

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I spent mine at home with my family in Sioux City for a few days. While I was there, I photographed an adorable 3 month old named Dominic. He was so precious!! Since it is way too cold out for babies (for anyone, really) and I don’t have my own studio, I created my own little studio in my client’s home and it was very easy to do! For this week’s Tips & Tutorials Tuesday, I’m going to explain in 3 easy steps how to set up your own Christmas-themed DIY photography backdrop without using lots of studio equipment!


1. Pick a room with a lot of natural light! We used a small bedroom with two big windows, light colored walls, and put a white comforter on the bed. There wasn’t a ton of space to work with, but it did the job!


2. Hang Christmas lights on the wall by the head of the bed. We used one set of clear icicle lights, which worked perfectly! I made a zig zag pattern with the lights to hang them. Don’t worry about how it looks on the wall, because if you use a wide aperture, the lights in the background will appear as bokeh in the photograph!


3. Place the subject close to the foot of the bed. The more space between the subject at the lights, the prettier the bokeh will be!


newborn des moines photographer

We propped a pillow behind Dominic and added ornaments and a santa hat as extra props. 🙂


Happy Tuesday!




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